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Efectos instantáneos: Perfect Pout

Di adiós a besos con los labios finos.

Perfect Pout

Perfect Pout hace que sus labios se vean más anchos en segundos.


Rellene sus labios en 60 segundos o menos!

Sin dolorosas y caras inyecciones de colágeno. Los nuevos avances en cosmética dan a sus labios un aspecto jugoso por una parte de su coste .Además Perfect Pout incluye gran hidratación y otros agentes que hacen que sus labios se vean sonrosados sin pintalabios!

Perfect Pout

Solo compruebe lo que se comenta del producto

"Cuando ví la increíble diferencia que hizo Perfect Pout en los labios de mi hermana ,cancele mis inyecciones de colágeno."

Sarah, London
"La gente me dice que se me ve como la sex-bomb film estrella Angelina Jolie. Es el piropo más grande que jamás me han dicho. Gracias
Amy, Hampshire

Perfect Pout - Notas de prensa

"This new lip booster sends blood rushing to the lips, doubling the size of your pout in just 60 seconds."

The Sun Newspaper

"When I first applied Perfect Pout there was quite a tingly sensation. My friend said that it did make my lips look bigger, and it's the sort of thing I would wear on a night out under a nice lipstick. I think it's really fun - it's the kind of thing you would take into the ladies loo and everyone would want a go!"

Beauty Magazine

"Pucker up with the perfect pout. Get full, sexy, kissable lips with Perfect Pout. Skin Doctors Cosmeceuticals fast-acting lip plumper enables you to achieve an irresistible pout by improving the colour, contour and conditions Perfect Pout of your lips without a needle or cosmetic surgeon in site! Even better, perfect Pout is safe, painless and a fraction of the cost of surgery."

Healthy Times

"A quick poll in the office revealed that 70 per cent of us would plump for bigger lips. Fortunately we would-be Angelina Jolies can get the 'bee-stung' look with the latest generation of pout-boosters. For a swell look in 60 seconds, slick on Skin Doctors Cosmeceuticals Perfect Pout lip plumping serum."

Boots Health & Beauty Magazine

"For the ultimate in kissable lips that simply demand attention try Perfect Pout from Skin Doctors. This innovative product gives you that bee-stung pout without having to endure any painful injections and with results that last for hours, it's the ideal treatment for every special occasion."

Leicestershire Wedding Planner

"Skin Doctors Perfect Pout... helps swell the lips for a sexy, poutier look, as well as giving a rosy look to them."

Daily Star

"Perfect Pout is the multi-purpose lip product you don't want to be without."

Girl About Town magazine